Our Mission!

Providing Sanctuary!

Many senior dogs end up homeless! This is by no fault of their own!

Often they are thought to be too old and useless.

No longer needed, wanted or loved!

They are often set loose to fend for themselves or taken to a shelter and left there scared and alone. Often the people leaving them ask that they be put down. Those that are set loose by their people are sometimes picked up and taken to a shelter as strays. Either way, this is no life for senior dogs that have given their entire lives of love and devotion to their people.

This is where Angels In Training comes in.


Our mission is to save these senior dogs from high kill shelters and give them love, food, medical care, a bed, a family and a home for the rest of their lives.

We are proud to be able to do this and to give these wonderful senior dogs the dignity they deserve!

They may be with us for only a short time due to illness or old age, but they may be with us for years as well. No matter what, they are our family, they are our babies and we love them with all our hearts!

Our hearts do break into pieces quite often when we have to say goodbye. But, our hearts are also filled to the brim and overflowing with the love and joy we receive from these beautiful souls and we take comfort in knowing we helped them and gave them what others did not! 

Love is everlasting!


We thank you for caring about these precious senior dogs and for supporting what we do to help each one of them have a wonderful life!


Angels In Training Senior Dog Sanctuary

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